Organisation Motions

Created on: 01 Jun 2022 | Last modified: 11 Jun 2022



39. Council 

"That this AGM believes that the pandemic has highlighted and exacerbated the challenges facing schools and that these must be resolved with a national programme of investment and considered improvements to the architecture of Scottish education in order to deliver better outcomes for all pupils in a way that is sustainable for teachers.

AGM, therefore, instruct Council to campaign to deliver said investment and to ensure that the Post-Covid 'Education Recovery Programme' does not simply return Scottish education to the same position that was in place before the pandemic."


40. Edinburgh Local Associaton

"That this AGM urge Council to campaign vigorously for the reduction in teachers' contact hours, promised by the Scottish Government, to be implemented and, should no commitment be forthcoming at the SNCT by December 2022 to the reduction in contact hours being in place for the start of the new session in August 2023, to ballot members in January 2023 on industrial action, up to and including strike action, in pursuit of the reduction."

Amendment 1 Council

Add after 'implemented': "according to the EIS policy that additional non-contact hours should be solely for the purpose of additional marking and preparation";

Add after 'August 2023': "together with a guarantee that additional non-contact hours will be devoted solely to additional marking and preparation"

Add after the final use of 'reduction': "and of the guarantee outlined above."

Amendment 2 East Renfrewshire Local Associaton

"In the fourth line delete "2022" and insert "2023" and in the fifth line delete "2023" where it occurs and insert "2024".

Amendment 3 Council

Add additional paragraph:

"Furthermore, that this AGM call on the SNCT to ensure that the forthcoming 1.5 hour reduction in class contact time is allocated to teachers’ preparation and correction time and that the required changes to achieve this are agreed and incorporated into the SNCT Handbook and Conditions of Service by August 2023 at latest."


41. North Lanarkshire Local Association

"That this AGM call upon Council to press for legislation to reduce mainstream class sizes to a maximum of 20."


42. Midlothian Local Association

"That this AGM instruct Council to lobby the Scottish Government to extend and ringfence long term funding for Instrumental Music Services beyond the current five-year commitment and to cover costs associated with:

  1. free instrumental tuition

  2. purchase of new instruments and equipment

  3. ongoing repair of existing equipment."


43. Glasgow Local Association

"That this AGM call on Council to campaign for additional funding to support additional counselling services in educational establishments to support young people in the aftermath of the Covid pandemic."


44. Dundee Local Association

"That this AGM instruct Council to engage with the Government in order to achieve a ring-fenced funding strategy for Additional Support Needs."


45. Midlothian Local Association

"That this AGM instruct Council to campaign for additional funding to increase adult to child ratios in P1 and P2 to improve delivery of play-based learning."


46. Glasgow Local Associaton

"That this AGM call on Council to campaign, alongside other Trade Unions and STUC, for a 4-day working week."



"That this AGM instruct Council to affiliate the EIS to the 'Campaign Against Climate Change'."


48. North Lanarkshire Local Association

"That this AGM call on the Scottish Government for a substantial increase to the Education Maintenance Allowance."



"That this AGM request that Council conduct a survey of all members on their views regarding the election of the General Secretary. The survey should be accompanied by a summary of the benefits and drawbacks for the union and its members of electing a General Secretary. The findings of the survey to be considered by Council and appropriate action taken."



"That this AGM requests that Council develop proposals to ensure that the General Secretary be elected by a vote of all members based upon a 5-year cycle."


51. East Dunbartonshire Local Association

"That this AGM campaign for all schools in Scotland to have solar panels fitted on their roofs in order to harness sustainable energy for school buildings."

Amendment 1 Aberdeenshire Local Association

Delete 'solar panels fitted on their roofs' and insert 'appropriate renewable energy systems installed'

Amendment 2 Inverclyde Local Association

After 'schools' in line 1, insert ',colleges and Early Learning establishments'.


52. Renfrewshire Local Association

"That this AGM calls on the EIS to include its Gaelic name, Institiud Foghlaim na h-Alba on the EIS website."