EIS suspends strike action at Forth Valley College in act of good faith

Created on: 11 May 2021 | Last modified: 11 May 2021

The EIS has suspended its programme of strike action at Forth Valley college to allow for a review of the dispute in the context of a national agreement struck two weeks ago.

Lecturers at Forth Valley College have been taking strike action in protest at the downgrading of a number of lecturing posts to lower-graded, and lesser paid, positions.

Forth Valley College has now agreed to a proposal made by the EIS-FELA branch last week, to refer the ongoing instructor/assessor dispute to the NJNC Joint Secretaries for review in the context of the national agreement and in recognition of a failure to agree locally.

As a consequence, EIS-FELA branch officials have intimated to management, as an act of good faith, that the EIS will suspend further planned strike action to allow the referral process to take its course.

Commenting, EIS General Secretary Larry Flanagan said, "The College's decision to reconsider and to accept referral to the NJNC Joint Secretaries means that judgement on this matter will be external to the college and measured against the national NJNC Agreement."

He continued, "The EIS has now suspended all planned strike action, as an act of good faith, to allow the review process to run its course."

Mr Flanagan added, "Whilst the notified strike dates across the rest of this academic session are suspended, the statutory mandate for strike action remains in effect, and the branch reserves its right to reinstate strike action if deemed necessary at a future point."