Dear Larry,

EIS FELA action: 16 January

I am writing on behalf of PCS to express our solidarity with your members in EIS FELA  who are taking action tomorrow in their long running dispute over pay.

PCS members stand with you and your members and believe that below inflation increases are totally unacceptable.

I look forward to addressing your rally outside the Scottish Parliament tomorrow and meeting some of your striking members.

Yours in solidarity,

Lynn Henderson
PCS National Officer for Scotland and NI



Good Afternoon,

Sending a message of Solidarity.

Agnes Tolmie,
Unite Branch Secretary



Dear Anne,

Community stands in Solidarity with your FELA members who are taking strike action tomorrow  in defence of their pay, terms and conditions.

Community members stand with yours in this important dispute.

Best Wishes,

Steve Farrell
Regional Secretary 



Dear Anne,

UCU send solidarity to all EIS-FELA members on your first day of action and for your strike rally at the Parliament. Please know that UCU fully support your demand for a fair cost of living pay increase and wish your members the best of luck for the action which we know will be successful. Please let us know if we can help in any way.

Mary Senior                                                  Ann Gow
UCU Scotland Official                                  UCU Scotland President



Hi John,

Thanks for getting in touch and I hope you are well.

Unfortunately, I will not be able to join you on the picket line tomorrow because I have to attend a meeting of the Finance and Constitution Committee tomorrow morning that is discussing the budget. However, please do send my solidarity to all those taking industrial action at WCS tomorrow and I do intend to join you at the demo outside of parliament as soon as I can after my committee meeting.

I have been following the dispute, it is disappointing that your members are having to resort to this action. The Employers Association from Colleges Scotland should have settled this matter with you at the negotiating table, therefore not forcing you to take this action.

You and your members do great work supporting students at a vital stage in their educational career. It is disappointing that the Employers Association will not meet with you until after the demo to discuss EIS/FELA latest offer to them. I agree with you failing to meet you until after it does show a complete lack of respect and interests in the students your members support.

You of course have my support for this industrial action and I fully support your calls for the Employers Association to come back to the negotiating table as soon as possible, to ensure a fair deal for your members and to end this damaging dispute.

I hope to see you tomorrow and if I can be of any further help on this issue or any other, please get in touch.

Kind regards,

Neil Bibby



Dear sisters and brothers,

I wish you every success in staging solid strikes and a noisy, impressive rally at the Scottish parliament on 16th.

We share your anger at the cavalier refusal of Colleges Scotland management to even negotiate, on top of their outrageous attempt to partially pay for their miserly 2.5% offer through stealing back some of the well-deserved pay rises you won through your equal pay strike.

We will do whatever we can to assist you in putting an end to the Scottish government’s selective treatment of public sector workers when it comes to lifting the Tory-imposed public sector pay cap.

As FE lecturers work harder, educating more students, it is high time your pay kept up with real inflation, as a modest minimum. We call on the Scottish government to instruct FE management to negotiate, and to fund a decent cost of living pay rise.

Stand firm; you do not stand alone!

Yours in struggle and socialism, 

Richie Venton



Hi Ann,

On behalf of the CWU in Scotland I wish to extend our Support and Solidarity during your Industrial Action. We fully understand that this action is necessary and we have made our branches aware of the dates.

If you require the CWU to assist in anyway please do not hesitate to contact myself or Pauline.

Stay Strong Knowing the movement is fully behind the EIS and your members.


CWU Scotland Regional Assistant SecretarY



Dear Anne,

On behalf of the CWU Edinburgh Dundee & Borders Branch, we offer you full support and solidarity in this on-going dispute.

It must be recognised the current offer of a 2.5% increase over the next three years will result in a real terms pay cut and will impose a pay cap on Scottish FE lecturers at a time when the Scottish Government is lifting the cap for the rest of the public sector.

Our education sector is facing so many challenges and it is essential our movement comes together at this time.

Wishing you a successful Rally.

In solidarity

CWU Edinburgh Dundee & Borders Branch



Dear Larry,

On behalf of the POA I offer solidarity for our Brothers and Sisters in EIS FELA who have voted and carried out strike action. In these uncertain times it is essential that workers stick together and fight against employers and the Government who are treating them unfairly. I wish you and the membership every success in your struggles. Solidarity from the POA.

In Solidarity,

Steve Gillan
General Secretary