The above Fund has been instigated by the Institute with the aim of providing financial support to those members engaged in disputes who have been disproportionally affected from taking strike action. Members should be aware that it is not the intention for this Fund to be used as general Strike Pay

The Fund is intended to provide assistance to those members who have been disproportionally affected by a loss of earnings through participation in strike action, compared to their colleagues. Applicants might include, for example, part time lecturers who normally work primarily on designated strike days. Whilst the Strike Hardship Fund is open to applications from all lecturers engaging in strike action of any duration, it is unlikely, for example, that members in dual income households or without dependents to support will be awarded assistance.

The current policy regarding the Strike Hardship Fund, which was approved by Council in March 2017, states that it will be available from the second day of loss of earnings from strike action.        

The application process has been made as straightforward as possible. There will be two forms required from applicants. The first of these will include details of applicants working hours and normally* require the signed confirmation from an appropriate official of participation in the strike on the relevant days of action. (*provision has been made for e mail confirmation in certain circumstances) The second form will require applicants to outline the reason or reasons for seeking support from the Fund – why they have been disproportionally affected and/or their specific personal circumstances. Applicants must post both forms to the Freepost address provided.

The dispute has a total of 3 programmed strike days for which there will be eligibility for Hardship Fund payments between 5 February and 21 March, and the intention is to get financial support to members as quickly as possible after the final day of the action.


The timetable is as follows:

Closing Date for Receipt of Applications – Tuesday 2 April

Consideration of Applications    - Wednesday 3 April

Commencement of Payments (By BACS) – Thursday 4 April

Approved applications will be paid at a flat rate of £50 for a day’s loss of pay for each day of strike action covered by the relevant application. Payments will be made by BACS directly into bank accounts using the details held on membership records.

The Hardship Fund Application Forms can be downloaded here:-

Download PDF