We, the undersigned, call on the Scottish Government to reject the proposal that Shetland College is taken out of public control. Experience has shown that moves towards privatisation damage public services.

With very few exceptions, Scottish colleges are democratically accountable and Shetland's students and community deserve to be treated in the same way.   

The current proposal is for the new merged college in Shetland to become an "unincorporated" company, limited by guarantee. This would mean:

  • The privatisation of tertiary education in Shetland
  • It is not subject to the same level of Scottish Government oversight as the vast majority of other colleges throughout Scotland
  • It is not a public body, accountable in law to the democratically-elected Scottish Parliament
  • It is only liable if something goes wrong, up to the financial ceiling set when the company is formed (could be as little as £1 per board member)
  • It is not subject to reports being completed by Audit Scotland on their financial stability
  • It could not have their Board of Management withdrawn by Scottish Ministers, if something goes wrong

The main source of funding for the new merged college in Shetland will come from public monies. With that level of public funding our college, students and staff deserve the security of knowing their education and jobs are protected. 

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