01 June 2023

Created on: 01 Jun 2023 | Last modified: 23 Feb 2024

Fair Pay Today

Dear Member

You should by now have received a consultative ballot paper on the 2023-24 pay round. This ballot closes on 30th June.

This pay round is separate to the pay round you were recently balloted on. This relates only to the 2023-24 round and is specifically on the subject of pay.

The 2023-24 pay round dispute process has in effect ended with no resolution on pay. The pay offer has already been partly imposed

The offer is for a 2% payment in February (you should already have had this) and a 3% payment in August. This offer is on a slightly different timescale than EIS-ULA members are used to, because the negotiations were brought forward in an attempt to resolve two pay rounds in one set of discussions (the 22/23 dispute and the 23/24 dispute). This attempt failed. None of the HE trade unions have accepted the 2023-24 pay offer.

EIS-ULA Executive met last week to discuss the offer and decided to hold a consultative ballot of members with a recommendation to REJECT the 2023/24 pay offer. Further, they are asking you to vote YES to Action Short of Strike and YES to Strike Action in order to pursue a better offer.

A consultative ballot cannot be used to take industrial action. If we receive a turnout of more than 50% and a REJECT for the pay offer, plus YES to both Strike Action and Action Short of Strike, then it is possible we would move to a statutory ballot in the Autumn of 2023, with a view to any industrial action starting in the new academic year. A statutory ballot is necessary to take lawful industrial action, however it is subject to strict rules on turnout, which makes turnout in this ballot equally important. No matter whether you agree with EIS-ULA Executive or not, please USE YOUR BALLOT!

Further updates and campaign emails will be coming to you over the next few weeks. Please contact your branch with any questions, or ballot@eis.org.uk if you have not yet received your ballot paper. Also, please ensure your contact details, including mobile number and preferred email address, are up to date. You can do this by logging into the EIS website with your membership number www.eis.org.uk