Success for Lecturers as Colleges agree to 'Honour the Deal

Created on: 03 Mar 2017 | Last modified: 01 Feb 2018

Friday 19 May 2017

The EIS and Colleges Scotland, representing FE college principals, have today reached a breakthrough in the FE sector dispute.

While some details have yet to be finalised, sufficient progress has been made to allow agreement in principle to be reached. As a result, the EIS has now suspended all future planned strike action. 

Commenting, EIS General Secretary Larry Flanagan said, "Following a further round of talks today we have reached a position where Colleges Scotland have agreed to Honour the Deal.

This is a significant victory for EIS-FELA members and it means that the employers will move immediately to implement Phase 1 of the March 2016 pay agreement.”

"As a result, all future planned strike action is suspended”, Mr Flanagan added.

Mr Flanagan went on to say, "EIS-FELA members are thanked for their magnificent support and solidarity throughout this campaign – which has been focussed since the start on making management honour the deal. 

"The members’ action has secured this win which will see equal pay delivered across the sector and create equitable common Terms & Conditions for the sector moving forward. This success by lecturers will also inspire other public sector workers fighting for fair pay.”