Fixed-Term Contract Poster

Created on: 15 Dec 2014 | Last modified: 23 Apr 2020

Have you been employed on a series of fixed-term contracts for 4 years or more?


Did you know that…

  • Your employment rights have been enhanced since the Fixed-Term Employees Regulations 2002 come into force on 1 October 2002?
  • After four years of continuous service on two or more contracts, your contract automatically become open ended (i.e. permanent)?
  • All FE Colleges must review such fixed term contracts periodically and automatically convert fixed term contracts into open ended contracts after four years?

You should also be aware that all fixed term contract staff ....

  • You have the right to be treated equally to a comparable member of staff on an open ended (i.e. permanent) contract. This includes pay, pensions, sick pay and other working conditions like access to training; 
  •  College Management must inform you of all open ended job vacancies; 
  • After four years of service on two or more contracts, your contract automatically becomes open ended (i.e. permanent) *unless a further fixed-term can be 'objectively' justified by your employer. 

Contact your EIS-FELA Branch Secretary for support. Some Colleges have permanisation policies after two years of fixed term contracts rather than four years. 

The EIS-FELA branch secretary can provide you with more detailed advice about the regulations and your legal rights.    

Download a copy of the poster here.