The GTCS Matters for Every Teacher

Created on: 09 Jan 2020 | Last modified: 12 Jan 2022

GTCS matters for every teacher

The EIS supports the work of the General Teaching Council for Scotland (GTCS) in its significantly important role in Scottish Education. The work of the GTCS impacts on teacher professionalism and the professional lives of teachers throughout their careers. This role is of particular importance in light of Professional Update, the development of teacher professionalism and the need to enhance the status of the teaching profession

Why strong teacher voice on GTCS Council matters

  • To be able to teach in Scotland, every teacher must be registered, and remain registered, with GTCS.

  • The GTCS sets 3 Professional Standards: The Standard for Registration; The Standard for Career-Long Professional Learning; and The Standard for Leadership and Management.

  • The GTCS accredits Initial Teacher Education as well as playing a critical role supporting professional learning though the Professional Standards and related activity.

  • Cases of alleged teacher misconduct or incompetence are reported to GTCS, which has the right to use the ultimate sanction of removing teachers from the GTCS Register.

  • The GTCS is influential to a great extent in discussion and debate related to the work of the teaching profession and the quality of learning and teaching within our education settings.