International Women's Day 2022

Created on: 25 Mar 2022 | Last modified: 21 Apr 2023

The EIS is celebrating the power of our women members in making us #175YearsStrong.

As part of International Women's Day 2022, the EIS launched the first in a series of posters looking at our history, and the fight for women’s equality.

IWD Poster 1

The second poster in our series commemorating women’s history in the EIS, shows important points on the journey to equal rights in the workplace.

IWD poster 2

The third poster in our #IWD series shows women’s issues being brought to the fore, and EIS activism on a scale like never before!

IWD poster 3

In the last 22 years, EIS members activism continues to go from strength to strength, and our commitment to equality is stronger than ever! 

IWD Poster 4

We hope the final poster in our series on the fight for women’s equality over the 175 years of the EIS, will inspire continuation