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Created on: 24 Mar 2023 | Last modified: 18 May 2023

Hutchesons’ issues teachers letter saying they need to agree new contracts, with poorer pension provision, by 14th April or their contracts will be terminated. Please support us in trying to get the School to see sense!

EIS reps have asked the Rector if he would be willing to meet with TU reps in order to negotiate regarding the pension proposal. We wish to further explore the reasons for the proposal and whether there are other options available which do not include withdrawal from the Scottish Teachers’ Pension Scheme.  

We understand the school roll is healthy, finances are healthy, and there is no need for cost cutting therefore we do not know why the School needs to adversely impact our pensions without exploring any other measures to freeze costs. The School say they do not want to burden families with increased fees yet they are willing to burden teachers with pension cuts.

There has been no indication from the Scottish Public Pensions Agency that contributions will increase as the School have stated.  Even if they were to, we are perturbed as to why this should mean a cut to our pensions when the finances are healthy and there is money in the reserves.

The School has now issued termination of contract letters to teachers, asking for the new contract to be agreed during Spring break. Members have been given two working days’ notice of these new contracts. Members have been told they will be replaced if they don’t sign the contract.

We do not want to be ‘re-engaged’ on new contracts with poorer terms and conditions; but the School are now saying that we will be fired if we don’t agree the new contracts. Surely Hutchesons’ can treat staff better than ‘firing and rehiring’ or simply firing teachers?

The results of the EIS indicative ballot of 96 members asking whether we were prepared to take strike action in pursuit of the dispute on the School’s proposal to make adverse changes to pensions were:

94% turnout

Yes - 80%

No – 20%

So far, management have not indicated any willingness to negotiate on this proposal therefore we have instructed our EIS officials to proceed to opening a statutory ballot for strike action. We do this with a very heavy heart and in the hope that a resolution to this dispute can be found without industrial action being necessary.

At the same time, our EIS reps are continuing to try and negotiate with the School to recognise our trade unions. Hutchesons’ would be the first private school in Scotland to recognise teachers’ right to collectively bargain. We see this as a positive and progressive step in the School’s history and in keeping with the School’s core values. We hope that the School community, especially parents, will support us in this.

If you wish more information please email our Area Officer, Sarah Collins

If you can do anything to support teachers of Hutchesons’ in representations to the School we would be greatly appreciative of this. You can also add your name and a message of support below. Thank you.



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