To build support against the plans by Colleges in Scotland to replace lecturers with instructors we are urging you to write to your MSP by using the letter template below.

You will have a number of MSPs representing your area, your local MSP and a number of “list” MSPs, please send this message to all of them.

To find the MSPs who represent your area please click HERE.


Letter template


(Insert your Name and Address)

(Insert your Email Address)


Dear (Insert MSP NAME)

I am writing to you as my MSP representing the (INSERT YOUR AREA) area.  I have also written to the other MSPs representing my area.

As a member of lecturing staff in Further Education (FE), I am contacting you to express my deep concern at plans across the FE sector in Scotland which will lead to a major reduction in the quality of FE for the people of (INSERT YOUR AREA) and de-professionalisation of lecturers.  

Colleges Scotland are supporting plans to downgrade and de-professionalise lecturing posts in colleges.  These plans would see lecturers being replaced with instructors - these new posts pay less, involve more teaching per week, less time to prepare for lessons and no GTCS registration as lecturers have. As instructors are classified as support staff, the plans involve moving teaching from teaching staff to support staff. 

Can you confirm that you have read the parliamentary briefing from EIS/FELA on these plans?

I would like to know your views on this matter and would urge you to commit yourself to opposing and campaigning against de-professionalising lecturing staff and against all cuts in quality of FE provision wherever possible both within and out with Parliament.

I look forward to hearing from you.

Yours sincerely,

(Insert Your Name)