Hardship Fund

Created on: 31 Mar 2021 | Last modified: 20 Apr 2021

The Institute has also decided to utilise its Strike Hardship Fund to provide financial support to those members who are disproportionately affected by and take part in the strike action, recently announced by EIS-FELA and Forth Valley College.

The Hardship Payment will be paid to qualifying members up to a maximum of £50 for each working day on which strike action is taken.     

Please note that the hardship fund is not a daily payment for everyone taking strike action but for those members who, as a consequence of the pattern of strike days, may lose a significantly higher percentage of their income when compared to a full-time member of staff.

Members should apply using one of the undernoted forms:

EIS-FELA National Dispute Guidelines 

EIS-FELA National Dispute Application Form

Forth Valley College Dispute Guidelines 

Forth Valley College Dispute Application Form