EIS FELA, nationally and locally, have been strongly and vehemently opposed to the governance arrangements proposed for the new college in Shetland which will be created by merging the NAFC Marine Centre, Shetland College and Train Shetland.

The proposal is to move Shetland College from public and democratic ownership and control and merge it in to a new entity which will be a non-incorporated college and private limited company. The EIS is not opposed to the merger in principle, but believes this model will be the full privatisation of tertiary education in Shetland.

In June/ July 2020 UHI carried out a formal consultation to gather views about the proposal. EIS- FELA members took part in the consultation alongside other stakeholders to ensure our views were part of the information which would then be fed back to Scottish Government Ministers and the Scottish Funding Council to help shape the future of the new college. 

You can find out more about the proposal in the full Merger Business Case.

Please see below for the EIS FELA national response.

Download Consultation Response