ASL Review is an Opportunity Missed

Following the publication today of the Scottish Government’s response to the Additional Support for Learning (ASL) Review, EIS General Secretary Larry Flanagan has described the reaction as an opportunity missed.

Mr Flanagan commented, “Teachers across the country have been raising serious concerns about the stretched nature of support for additional learning needs, both in terms of the ASN sector and for pupils with additional needs in mainstream settings.”

Mr Flanagan continued, “This report and the response of both the Scottish Government and COSLA, completely fails to get to grips with the key issue of the need for more support staff, more specialist teachers and greater dedicated resources. With 1 in 4 pupils identified as having additional needs, and with those needs likely to have been compounded by the impact of COVID-19, this is an opportunity missed.”

He added, “Whilst the recommendations in the report, most of which are unremarkable, are welcome in themselves, it is not refined guidance and focus which schools require to meet the needs of pupils, it is additional investment.”