Commenting ahead of today's Scottish Parliament debate on Additional Support Needs provision, and the presumption of mainstreaming, EIS General Secretary Larry Flanagan said:

"Ensuring that the needs of all pupils with ASN are met is a significant challenge currently facing Scottish education. In a recent major survey carried out by the EIS in support of our Value Education, Value Teachers campaign, questions over the level of ASN provision in their school were one of the top concerns identified by teachers."

"Teachers want to provide the best possible educational experience for all young people, but years of austerity cuts to ASN resources and staffing have left schools struggling to meet the specialist requirements of pupils with ASN."

Mr Flanagan added: "The principle of mainstreaming pupils with ASN remains fundamentally sound, but it can only be delivered successfully where adequate funding, resources and specialist staff are put in place to support it."

"Sadly, the evidence from our recent survey indicates that this is not currently the case, and significant investment is needed to ensure that all young people with ASN can receive the support they require throughout their school education."