Commenting on the publication of the Teaching in a Diverse Scotland – Increasing and Retaining Minority Ethnic Teachers in Scotland’s School Report, EIS General Secretary Larry Flanagan said, "Scottish schools have much to gain from recruiting and retaining teachers who can bring additional social, cultural and linguistic capital into the profession.

"The existence of an ethnically diverse teaching workforce would enable the profession to be confident that it is drawing on the same broad range of cultural and social experiences as the pupils and families served by schools, and to use a wider range of cultural resources in their teaching."

"Concerted efforts to diversify the profession would also demonstrate that teaching is valued by all sections of the community, and would provide role models for young people, who 'can't be what they can't see'. We would also encourage schools to intensify their efforts to promote anti-racist approaches, as this will promote more inclusive working and learning environments for BME staff and pupils.

"And of course, BME teachers have the same concerns as their colleagues about declining take-home pay and excessive workload, which urgently need to be addressed if more teachers from all backgrounds are to be recruited and retained."