The EIS has welcomed the confirmation in today’s draft Scottish Budget that the 1% public sector pay cap will be lifted in the next financial year.

The EIS, which represents over 80% of the teaching profession in Scotland, has confirmed that Scotland’s teachers will be expecting a significant pay rise in 2018 as an initial step towards restoring their salaries, in real terms, to pre-austerity levels.

Commenting, EIS General Secretary Larry Flanagan said, "The EIS welcomes the fact that the Finance Secretary has confirmed that the damaging 1% public sector pay cap will be lifted in 2018. 

For far too long, teachers and other public-sector workers have been financially punished for an economic situation that was not of their making. The lifting of the pay cap is a long-overdue recognition that public-sector workers deserve to be paid fairly for the vital work that they do.”

Mr Flanagan added, "Whilst the 2017 pay award is still to be finalised, EIS members will be looking ahead to the April 2018 pay settlement with an expectation of a significant boost in their take-home pay. 

As education is the Scottish Government’s stated number one priority, it is time for greater investment in teachers’ pay to stave off a future recruitment crisis.”