Real-terms pay Freeze lets down Scotland's Teachers

Commenting following today’s Scottish Budget announcement, which includes plans to cap public sector pay rises at 1% for those earning over £25,000 – including teachers – EIS General Secretary Larry Flanagan said:

“Today’s announcement of an effective pay freeze will be met with deep disappointment by Scotland’s teachers, who have been working flat-out throughout the pandemic to offer as much support as possible to young people.”

Mr Flanagan continued, “Politicians of all parties, including those in the Scottish Government, have repeatedly lauded the efforts of teachers during the pandemic and have highlighted the importance of teachers in maintaining education provision for young people during this crisis. It appears, however, that the Scottish Government is failing to match that rhetoric and instead is effectively seeking to freeze the pay of the teachers, rather than properly recognising their value.”

Mr Flanagan added, “Teachers’ pay is negotiated via the Scottish Negotiating Committee for Teachers (SNCT), however, and as we have only recently submitted a pay claim for this year, calling for proper recognition of the value of teachers, we will be seeking further discussions in that forum.”