Scottish Government Christmas Announcement will Anger many Teachers

The EIS has said that today’s Scottish Government announcement not to support remote learning in the week before Christmas, will disappoint and anger many teachers.

Commenting on the decision, EIS General Secretary Larry Flanagan said, “Many teachers across Scotland will be disappointed and angered at the Scottish Government decision today, which once again shows a complete disregard for the concerns and welfare of teachers."

"The EIS had asked that schools move to remote learning in the final week to ensure that senior staff did not find themselves having to work during the Christmas break to deal with any COVID outbreaks and also to minimise the risk for staff, pupils and parents of infections ruining the Christmas break."

"Allowing this would have helped protect staff, students and their families during the festive season and reduce the risk of pupils or teachers being required to self-isolate over Christmas – while also ensuring that education provision continued via remote learning."

He added, "It would appear that this yet another political decision by the Scottish Government, which may thank teachers but is unwilling to listen to them."

"The EIS would call upon the Scottish Government to make lateral flow tests available to school staff, so that those hoping to share some time with potentially vulnerable family members can do so without fear of putting loved ones at risk."