School COVID cases highlight need for better procedures to protect pupils & staff

The EIS has again called for enhanced procedures to protect pupils and staff from potential COVID infection.

Since schools re-opened last week, pupils at a number of different schools have tested positive for COVID-19 infection, illustrating the risk of the virus spreading through school communities if safeguards are not in place.

Last week, following repeated calls from the EIS, the Scottish Government announced that testing for COVID-19 infection would be available to all teachers, a move that has been widely welcomed. The EIS believes that further additional measures, such as smaller class sizes and the use of face coverings by older Secondary school pupils, are necessary to reduce the risk of COVID spread through schools.

Commenting, EIS General Secretary Larry Flanagan said, “The cases of COVID infection that have been identified in some young people highlight the critical nature of adequate safeguards to protect pupils and staff from potential COVID infection at school. Introducing the option for all teachers to access testing was an important step, but other measures such as reducing class sizes to facilitate physical distancing are required as a matter of urgency. In particular, a recommendation for senior phase pupils, who are young adults, to wear face-coverings where physical distancing is not possible is important if schools are to operate safely.”