EIS-FELA Opens Statutory Industrial Action Ballot over Lecturers' Pay

Created on: 10 Mar 2022 | Last modified: 10 Mar 2022

The EIS-FELA has opened a statutory ballot for strike action and action short of strike (ASOS), in pursuit of a fair pay deal for college lecturers in Scotland.

The decision to conduct a statutory ballot has come following an emphatic rejection of the current pay offer, from the Employers’ side of the National Joint Negotiating Committee (NJNC), by the EIS-FELA membership in a survey and a clear and strong backing, for both strike action and ASOS, in a recent consultative ballot.

Negotiations, over pay, have been protracted and the Employers’ have failed to increase the current offer, despite the clear views of the EIS-FELA membership and two formal dispute meetings at the NJNC.

Commenting as the statutory ballot opened, EIS General Secretary, Larry Flanagan, said "College lecturers, across Scotland, have stood up and delivered during the course of the COVID 19 pandemic, despite a recent EIS survey clearly showing that they have experienced higher levels of stress, uncertainty and significantly increased workloads.

"The final pay offer for college lecturers in no way reflects the hard work of college lecturers, their commitment to their students and does not even begin to address the cost-of-living crisis beginning to bite in their households."

Charlie Montgomery, EIS-FELA National President, commented: "The EIS-FELA remains committed to seeking a negotiated settlement to this pay dispute and to avoid further industrial action in a Further Education sector that has experienced a number of strikes in recent years.

"However, ending this dispute depends on college principals allowing their negotiators to come back to the table offer a fair pay deal for lecturers, that recognises their professionalism and commitment to their role."