First Minister's COVID-19 Announcement - EIS Response

Commenting following the announcement by First Minister Nicola Sturgeon at her daily COVID-19 briefing today (Thursday), EIS General Secretary Larry Flanagan said:

"During her announcement on the initial stage of the easing of lockdown restrictions, the First Minister provided some important information on preparations for schools re-opening following the summer break, indicating that teachers may access school buildings in terms of preparing for next year."

"The EIS is clear, however, that staff should only be in schools after there has been a full risk assessment carried out, involving union health and safety reps and specifically addressing issues related to COVID 19, and after school buildings have been subject to a ‘deep clean’."

"The Guidance from the Scottish Government issued today also makes clear the importance of ensuring that such measures are in place so that any return by staff can be done safely."

"The message that people should continue to work from home where possible applies equally to teachers, who should only enter school buildings at the current time where it is necessary for the purposes of planning for next year and where it is safe to do so."

"The EIS looks forward to constructive discussion with Local Authorities to progress these health and safety matters."