Commenting following the publication of the Independent Panel report on Flexible Career Pathways in Teaching, EIS General Secretary Larry Flanagan said:

"The EIS welcomes the publication of the independent panel's report, which originated from a previous SNCT agreement to look at career progression. The recommendations will form the basis for detailed discussion on career pathways at the Scottish Negotiating Committee for Teachers."

"The EIS looks forward to engaging constructively in these discussions at the SNCT, with the aim of securing an enhanced range of options for teachers to progress their careers."

Mr  Flanagan added, "Attracting and retaining highly qualified and highly motivated individuals into the teaching profession is key to the success of Scottish education, and providing more flexible career pathways will make an important contribution to this aim."

"However, the EIS is clear that both the Scottish Government and Local Authorities will need to commit the necessary resources to make these plans a reality."