Scotland's teachers have formally rejected the latest pay offer from COSLA and the Scottish Government, at a negotiating meeting today.

The meeting of the Extended Joint Chairs of the SNCT broke up this afternoon with no agreement. However, all sides agreed to continue discussions in the hope reaching a negotiated agreement. A further meeting has been scheduled for next Monday, the 4th of March.

Prior to the Extended Joint Chairs meeting, the SNCT Teachers' Panel met and rejected the COSLA offer of January 25th by 14 votes to 4. This decision was conveyed to both COSLA and Scottish Government, so there is a continuing "failure to agree" on teachers' pay.

Commenting, EIS General Secretary Larry Flanagan said, "At today's meeting, we presented the recent EIS ballot result, and indicated our intended move to a statutory ballot for strike action."

"This provides clear evidence of the need for the other parties to improve the offer in order to gain acceptance from teachers. We also reiterated that the EIS is continuing to seek a negotiated settlement, that we were willing to meet at any time, and that strike action would be a last resort."

Mr Flanagan continued, "Both COSLA and the Scottish Government confirmed that they were keen to keep talking and that they too wished to see an agreement being achieved. All sides agreed to reflect on the issues raised and to meet again next Monday."

Mr Flanagan added, "Whilst the EIS has commenced moves towards a statutory ballot for strike action, we are maximising the negotiating opportunity created by the rejection vote in the hope that an acceptable settlement may still be reached."