EIS AGM: General Secretary Designate rallies teachers to get active in pay campaign

Created on: 11 Jun 2022 | Last modified: 11 Jun 2022

The General Secretary Designate of the EIS has today (Saturday) urged all of Scotland’s teachers to get active in the campaign to secure a 10% pay rise.

Ms Bradley addressed delegates on the final day of the EIS Annual General Meeting (AGM) at Dundee Caird Hall, and just ahead of a rally in support of the EIS ‘Pay Attention’ Campaign in the Civic Square outside the conference venue.

Addressing the AGM, Ms Bradley said, “The obvious and pressing priority is our Pay Attention campaign. We’ve staked our claim, nailed our colours to the mast…now we need to win. Listening to our speakers on the issue of pay over the last few days, I know we’ve got what it takes to win this. To win it because it’s simply unacceptable that teachers and other public sector workers would be expected to bear the burden of yet another crisis that’s been created by the economic vandalism of the Tory government and a Cabinet of millionaires…utterly morally bankrupt and more intent on callous racketeering and profiteering than they are on caring about people and supporting recovery.”

Ms Bradley continued, “We can’t allow COSLA to peddle the myth of the One Workforce agenda. Or the Scottish Government to quietly sit there on the side-lines being let off the hook by a raft of egalitarian-sounding rhetoric that’s in truth about pay suppression for teachers and by dint of that the rest of the public sector. We know One Workforce is utter fallacy and I have a sense that the other public sector unions know it as well.”

Ms Bradley added, “If we’re to win a pay rise that protects teachers’ incomes from the worst of the cost of living increases, from every corner of the union, we need to keep building what will be a formidable display of our union strength.  We’ve started building this - the press statements, the campaign materials, the branch meetings, the petition, the social media activity, and the demo outside this building later this morning.”

“With full-blown organising, comms and political campaigning… synchronicity of actions with local associations, we’ll be ballot ready, strike ready by October and with a strong industrial action strategy mapped out so that we’re strike ready and strike able. From the speeches and applause that we’ve heard this AGM about pay and the other inter-related injustices it sounds like you’re well up for taking this on…and so am I!”

A copy of Ms Bradley’s full speech is available here, for information.