The AGM of the EIS continues in Perth Concert Hall today (Friday).

The EIS AGM is the sovereign decision-making body of the EIS, where 350 teachers and lecturers from across Scotland will debate Motions that will shape the priorities for the EIS and Scottish education in the year ahead.

The General Secretary of the EIS, Larry Flanagan, delivered his annual address to the AGM this afternoon, lauding the success of the EIS Value Education, Value Teachers campaign in delivering a 13.51% pay increase for Scotland’s teachers. Mr Flanagan also highlighted the positive impact that the campaign has had on members’ engagement with the union, providing a solid platform on which future campaigning can now be built.

Addressing delegates, Mr Flanagan said, “This was a significant campaign for us – not only in terms of the increase in pay but, also, so important in the long-term for the impact it has had on the union. There has been massive engagement with the union – with thousands of meetings taking place at school, local, regional level and national level.

Since we started the campaign in January 2018, we have gained 3,987 members so our current total membership is 58,851 – the highest it’s been in quite some time. Significantly we now have as many members under the age of 40 as we do over that age. We can see that new demographic – which was very visible at the National demonstration in Glasgow last year – with young women getting active in the union; finding strength and purpose in the collective; creating an absolute bedrock for the future growth of this union.”

Mr Flanagan added, “We have a strengthened sense of purpose about what it means to be the EIS – a professional association yes – but a trade union also, with history and muscle and intent. That is critically important because – I want to make it clear - we aren’t finished yet. In our recent members’ survey, pay was important but only marginally ahead of issues such as ASN and workload. Our Value Education Value Teachers campaign continues as we seek to move these agendas forward – and the debates here at conference on class size and class commitment are critical in this.”

A full copy of Mr Flanagan’s notes can be found here.

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