EIS Welcomes Updated Plan for School Inspections

Created on: 03 Dec 2021

The EIS has welcomed the announcement that Education Scotland will not resume ‘scrutiny’ inspections of schools in the New Year.

Updated plans published confirm that HM Inspectors will focus on ‘recovery’ visits as a means of supporting schools as they concentrate on education recovery for young people.

Commenting, EIS General Secretary Larry Flanagan said, “The EIS welcomes the announcement that HM Inspectors will now not resume scrutiny inspections and will, instead, continue to focus on supporting education recovery in schools.

"The Covid pandemic has had, and continues to have, a profound impact on all aspects of school life and it is entirely appropriate that Education Scotland and HM Inspectors should focus their efforts in assisting schools in overcoming the huge challenges that our education system continues to face."

Mr Flanagan continued, “Teachers in our schools have worked flat-out throughout the pandemic to seek to deliver a high-quality educational experience for young people. Teachers are under huge pressure, and the prospect of a return to scrutiny inspections in the New Year was a source of considerable concern amongst our members.

"The EIS raised these concerns directly with Education Scotland on several occasions, and it is welcome that these concerns have now been listened to."

Mr Flanagan added, “Today’s announcement is both a sensible and practical decision, which will be welcomed by Scotland’s teachers. It will ensure that schools and school staff can continue to concentrate on their most important priority, which is to ensure the best possible educational experience for our young people despite the continuing challenge of the Covid pandemic.

"Our hope is that information gathered during ‘recovery’ visits by Inspectors will result in any requisite additional support and resources being delivered quickly to schools and Early Learning & Childcare settings to support ongoing education recovery.”