EIS General Secretary Joins International Call for Fair Presidential Election in Colombia

Created on: 17 Jun 2022 | Last modified: 17 Jun 2022

The General Secretary of the EIS has added his voice to the growing international call for a fair Presidential election in Colombia.

Ahead of the Colombian Presidential election run-off, scheduled for this Sunday, EIS General Secretary Larry Flanagan, who was recently in Colombia for the first round of elections as an accredited observer, has called for the eyes of the world to be focused on the process to ensure the elections are fair and intimidation of voters and corrupt practices are eliminated.

Commenting, Mr Flanagan said, "These elections are critical to the future of democracy in Colombia and continued progress in the peace process. The UK is a 'pen-holder' to the peace agreement, which means it has a direct locus in supporting the peace process but, as with many aspects of the current government, it appears to be quite lax in carrying out its responsibilities.

"From a trade union perspective, we stand firmly with the people of Colombia and in support of the peace process and we very much hope that this election sees progress being made."

A joint statement has also been issued on behalf of the recent Justice for Colombia Delegation, which included trade unionists and parliamentarians from several countries.