Following today's meeting of the Extended Joint Chairs of Scottish Negotiating Meeting for Teachers, which broke up with no revised pay offer having been made, the EIS is to continue preparations for a strike ballot of its members.

EIS members rejected the last pay offer from Scotland’s local authorities and the Scottish Government in a ballot last month.

Commenting following the meeting, EIS General Secretary Larry Flanagan said, "The Extended Joint Chairs group of the SNCT met this morning to further explore options to resolve the current pay impasse."

"Regrettably, no new offer was made and so the EIS will continue moving towards a statutory strike ballot which will open on Monday of next week."

Mr Flanagan continued, "The lack of any new offer is unfortunate, following last week's more positive discussions. It will be disappointing if the Scottish Government and COSLA spurn the opportunity to avoid industrial action, but once again it looks as though EIS members are going to have to demonstrate just how deep the discontent within Scottish Education has become."

Mr Flanagan added, "Pay is one issue: beyond that we have excessive workload; lack of support for pupils with ASN; pointless paperwork; growing class sizes and diminishing resources; and teacher stress levels going through the roof."

"No-one wants industrial action, but Scotland's teachers feel compelled to make a stand. No further SNCT meeting has been scheduled, but the Teachers' Side is clear that we would be available to meet at any point to work towards a negotiated agreement."