EIS invites education professionals to join the PACT against poverty

The EIS will today (Friday) officially launch its online PACT Professional Learning offer for Scotland’s teachers.

The PACT project, which is being launched during Challenge Poverty Week, was funded by the Scottish Government and will offer anti-poverty professional learning for teachers across the country.

Commenting, EIS General Secretary Larry Flanagan said, “The PACT professional learning offer for Scottish teachers explores the nature, causes and consequences of poverty, as well as the possible practical and pedagogical interventions to mitigate its impact on children and young people’s school education.”

He continued, “Today’s online launch event will showcase and celebrate the work of the PACT Project so far and will outline how the anti-poverty professional learning that it offers could make a tangible difference to the school experiences of the thousands of school-aged children and young people who are currently experiencing poverty.”

Mr Flanagan added, “The EIS is grateful to the Scottish Government for the funding support that it has provided the PACT project as part of  our collective endeavour to enable schools to place equity at the heart of all decision-making; to limit the damage that poverty does to young people’s education and to their life chances; and to continue to narrow the poverty-related achievement and attainment gap.”

You can read about the PACT project in this month’s edition of the Scottish Educational Journal and full information, including details of how teachers can sign up for the professional learning, are available via the EIS Website.