PISA 2018 Results: ‘Are Students Ready to Thrive in an Interconnected World?

Commenting following the release by the OECD of the latest report from the 2018 PISA survey data, EIS General Secretary, Larry Flanagan, in welcoming the report said:

“This PISA 6 report highlights some of the strengths of Scotland’s education system and in particular how it reflects a broader societal commitment to what might be called the “common weal”. Scotland’s students scored exceptionally well in showing empathy with others and being concerned about the type of world in which we live."

"This confirms that the nurturing of values, which our schools are committed to, is bearing dividends. Given the current pressures created by Covid 19, the report’s overall conclusion about the importance of schools as communities where young people can grow, is timely."

"PISA 6 argues that tomorrow’s schools will need to help students think for themselves and to develop a strong sense of right and wrong – something that Scotland’s teachers already successfully strive to support, as evidenced in the report.”