EIS Members Accept Last Year's Pay Offer but This Year's Offer Must be Larger

Created on: 29 Mar 2022 | Last modified: 06 Apr 2022

Members of the country’s largest teaching union, the EIS, have voted to accept a pay offer for last year which should have been settled by April 2021.

EIS members have been voting on the offer, 2.23% (1.22% effective from April 1 2021 and a further 1% effective from 1 January 2022), for the past two weeks and have now voted to accept by a margin of 80% (for) to 20% (against), on a turnout of 45%. Accordingly, the EIS Salaries Committee will move to formalise acceptance of the offer through the Scottish Negotiating Committee for Teachers (SNCT) and then push employers for an early settlement of this year’s pay claim – due to be applied in just 3 days, from 1st April 2022.

Commenting, EIS General Secretary Larry Flanagan said, “EIS members have voted, albeit reluctantly, to support the recommendation to settle last year’s, extremely delayed, pay offer from their employers. Even while voting to accept, however, both the EIS and its members regard this offer as falling short of the pay increase that Scotland’s teaching professionals deserve.

"Whilst it was clear that COSLA and the Scottish Government were not going to improve their offer for last year, based on last year’s budgets and on last year’s level of inflation, by voting to accept this backdated offer, EIS members have fired the starting gun on a major campaign for a fairer and far greater, pay settlement for 2022/23 – with the  EIS having  already formulated, and submitted, a claim for a 10% pay increase for Scotland’s teachers and associated professionals.”

Mr Flanagan continued, “The tactics of the other sides of the SNCT, in dragging out negotiations endlessly, have served only to build up anger and frustration amongst Scotland’s teachers. With inflation currently at more than 6% and rising, and with soaring prices for food, clothing, fuel and power contributing to the worst cost of living crisis for a generation, Scotland’s teachers will be fighting for a substantial increase this year.”

Mr Flanagan added, “At its meeting earlier this month, the national EIS Council passed a Motion indicating its lack of faith in the employers’ ability to negotiate fairly and committing the EIS to move to an early ballot for industrial action should this year’s pay claim – due to be applied in three days’ time – not be settled by the end of October and to start building now for members to be strike ready if required.

"Scotland’s teachers have worked themselves into the ground over the past two years, often at great cost to their physical and mental health, to seek to ensure a continuing high-quality education for Scotland’s young people amidst the Covid pandemic. Our members have gone the extra mile, and they don’t deserve to see the cost of living crisis cut the real term value of their salaries – the EIS is determined to ensure that Scotland’s teachers are paid fairly, using whatever means are necessary to achieve this goal.”

See notes below for further information on the 2021 pay offer, the 2022 pay claim, and the Motion passed by EIS Council at its March meeting.


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Detail of the 2021 pay offer, accepted by EIS members in an online consultative ballot 

  • A 1.22% increase at all SNCT pay points effective from 1/4/21

  • A further 1% increase at all SNCT pay points effective from 1/1/22. (Combined with the earlier increase this equates to a compounded increase equal to 2.23% on the rates at 31/3/21 when the 1/1/22 element takes effect.)

  • An £800 cap for those earning £80K and above,

  • And a one-off non-recurring payment of £100 to each SNCT member of staff pro-rated for part-time) for all SNCT members in post on 31/3/22 and based on working hours at that time.

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Detail of the 2022 teachers’ pay claim, submitted via the Scottish Negotiating Committee for Teachers and due to be applied from 1 April 2022 

The 2022 SNCT pay claim is for 10% to be applied to all grades and pay points without differentiation or discrimination.

The Teachers’ Panel view this claim as being reasonable and fair given the current inflationary pressures that are predicted to continue and increase through 2022 and the impact of the cost of living crisis.

It is also the Panel’s view that the on-going commitment and professionalism of teachers and associated professionals, which has been brought into sharp focus during the Covid-19 pandemic, now needs to be recognised by a pay increase

that allows salaries to retain their value. This claim also reflects the on-going need to continue the restoration of the pay of teachers and associated professionals.

The Teachers’ Panel believes that the need to provide adequate support and reward for teachers should be recognised within the 2022 pay award, particularly given the current lack of settlement of the 2021 Pay Claim. The Panel wishes to expedite negotiations, through Extended Joint Chairs, with the aim of reaching a settlement for implementation in April 2022.


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Resolution adopted by EIS Council at its March meeting 

“That this Council states it has no confidence in COSLA and Scottish Government to complete negotiations on the EIS 10% pay claim in time for April 2022 and instructs Executive to begin a process of building ballot readiness amongst the membership, with a view to balloting for Industrial Action should there be no satisfactory offer received by the end of October 2022.”