Over 25,000 Signatures call on COSLA & Scottish Government to "Pay Attention" on Teachers' Pay

Created on: 08 Jul 2022 | Last modified: 14 Jul 2022

The EIS has today, Friday July 8th, delivered a “fair pay petition” with over 25,000 signatures to the offices of both the Scottish Government and COSLA, the employers’ federation.

The signatures, gathered over the last few busy weeks of term, reflect the growing impatience of teachers over their “cost of living” pay claim which should have been settled on April 1st of this year.

In a letter to both the Cabinet Secretary for Education, Shirley-Anne Somerville, and to the new COSLA lead, Cllr Katie Hagmann, EIS General Secretary Designate, Andrea Bradley, said, “Thousands of teachers and supporters have put their names to our Pay Attention petition, pledging their support for a fair pay settlement for teachers without further delay, to help protect teachers as essential public sector workers from the impact of rising inflation.”

She continued, “The signatories of our petition are in no doubt that the significant real-terms pay cut offered by COSLA on behalf of employers last month, weeks after the date when teachers’ salaries should have seen an uplift, is far from acceptable in the current economic climate. A delayed and derisory 2% offer comes nowhere near what is required to justly acknowledge what teachers have delivered throughout Covid and continue to deliver in response to ever-increasing demands and expectations upon them from all directions. In fact, it is viewed as deeply insulting by our members.”

Ms Bradley added, “The large support that the EIS’s Pay Attention petition has gathered in a matter of weeks should leave both Scottish Government and COSLA in no doubt as to the strength of feeling amongst EIS members on the legitimacy of our pay claim and their willingness to escalate our campaign in support of it. We intend to be ballot ready come the Autumn, if a fair settlement is not reached.”

2022 Pay Claim

Letter issued to the Cabinet Secretary

Letter issued to COSLA