Cosla's offer of deep pay cut for Scotland's teachers is wholly unacceptable

Created on: 28 Oct 2021 | Last modified: 28 Oct 2021

The Salaries Committee of the EIS has condemned as “wholly unacceptable” a pay offer that would result in a significant real-terms pay cut for Scotland’s teachers.

The EIS Salaries Committee, which met today, discussed the growing anger in schools over the sub-inflationary pay offer from COSLA and the Scottish Government. The EIS remains in dispute with the employers on teacher pay, with a pay settlement for teachers now more than six months overdue.

The current offer on the table from COSLA and the Scottish Government is for 1.22% - substantially less than the rate of inflation, which is currently at 4%. Figures cited by the UK Government indicate that pay settlements in the private sector are currently averaging as high as 8%.

Commenting, EIS General Secretary Larry Flanagan said, “At today’s meeting, members of the Salaries Committee shared the growing frustration and anger from EIS members across Scotland at the pay cut that is being suggested for Scotland’s teachers. Based on the current rate of inflation of 4%, Scotland’s teachers are being offered a real-terms pay cut of 2.78% this year. This is absolutely unacceptable and an insult to hard-pressed teachers who have been working flat out throughout the pandemic to provide a sound learning experience for all young people.”

Mr Flanagan added, “Today’s Salaries Committee heard of growing demands for consideration of industrial action, and agreed to memo the EIS Executive – which is responsible for initiating ballots – to this effect. Local and national government have had a lot to say about of the high value of education and teachers throughout the pandemic, but the EIS is very clear that a substantial pay cut is scant reward for Scotland’s teachers. Clearly the mood amongst our members is hardening and calls for action are growing louder. After nearly 10 months of talks, COSLA and the Scottish Government need to end the procrastination and come back quickly with a substantially improved offer to resolve this dispute.”