Students, teachers and parents should be proud of achievements in very challenging year

The EIS has congratulated Scotland’s students following the publication of this year’s qualifications results.

Commenting following publication of this year’s pass rates by the Scottish Government, EIS General Secretary Larry Flanagan said, “Scotland’s students, teachers, parents and carers should be extremely proud of all that our young people have achieved this year in challenging circumstances. The enforced cancellation of this year’s exam diet led to a great deal of uncertainty and placed significant stress on students. Our young people, however, should be commended for their achievements despite the many challenges that have faced them.”

Mr Flanagan continued, “Scotland’s teachers demonstrated great commitment and professionalism in adapting to the difficulties presented by the cancellation of this year’s exams. The new method of assessment for this year’s qualifications, based primarily on teachers’ professional judgement, placed substantial additional workload and new pressures on teachers across the country. Scotland’s teachers rose to the challenge to protect the best interests of young people.”

Mr Flanagan added, “Schools will wish to examine in detail the impact of the SQA’s statistical modelling on their results and where there is disquiet the evidence based appeal system should be utilised, in the endeavour to ensure that all young people receive results that accurately reflect their achievements throughout the year.”