The EIS has opened a consultative ballot of its members on the latest pay offer made to Scotland's teachers.

The revised offer, based on a 3 year deal (2018-2020) with pay rises of 3% for each year plus an additional 3% payable this year, was tabled by local authorities through the Scottish Negotiating Committee for Teachers (SNCT).

Last week, by majority decision, the EIS Council voted to recommend rejection of the offer and a move to a statutory ballot on industrial action. EIS members will now be balloted on the offer over the next 3 weeks, with the result expected to be announced on Friday 22 February.

Commenting, EIS General Secretary Larry Flanagan said, "The EIS has now opened a ballot of its members on the revised pay offer. Following considerable debate at our Council last week, a decision was taken to recommend rejection of the offer and a move to a statutory ballot for strike action."

Larry Flanagan

"However, given the wide range of views that were expressed at the meeting, Council also agreed to provide members with detail of arguments both for and against the offer, to support members in making an informed decision when they cast their vote."

"Ultimately, it will be for the members to decide whether to accept or reject the offer that has been put to them."

Mr Flanagan added, "The EIS launched its Value Education, Value Teachers pay campaign one year ago, and the campaign has been a great success in putting the issue of teacher pay back onto the political agenda."

"The campaign has also energised teachers across Scotland, increased the involvement of members of the union at both a local and national level, and highlighted other challenges facing teachers such as severe workload and supporting pupils with additional support needs."

"At every stage, this has been a member-led campaign and this will continue to be the case as we move forward with this ballot and beyond."