Supply Teachers Report Continuing Difficulty in Finding work

Supply teachers in Scotland have reported continuing difficulties in securing employment, despite a clear need for additional teachers to support education during the pandemic and to provide cover for staff who are ill with Coronavirus or other winter viruses.

This is causing significant financial hardship for some supply teachers.

The EIS has surveyed teachers on supply and temporary contracts to gauge the scale of the difficulties currently facing teachers without a permanent job.

Just under 1800 teachers responded to the survey, which equates to approximately one-third of current temporary or supply teachers.

Commenting, EIS General Secretary Larry Flanagan said, "Supply teachers across Scotland continue to face significant challenges in securing suitable work, despite a very clear need for additional teaching staff to support young people in their remote learning."

"For some supply teachers without work, and who have been unable to access job retention payments, they are now in their sixth week with no income."

"We have heard statements from the Scottish Government that all available teachers must be deployed to support education recovery, but the findings of our survey confirm that many supply teachers still cannot find work."

Mr Flanagan added, "The Scottish Government, and the local authorities who employ teachers, must act urgently to ensure that every teacher available for work across the country is deployed to support young people in their education."

"More teachers are needed to support remote learning – particularly for those young people living in particularly challenging circumstances, who are significantly less likely to have engaged in remote learning during the lockdown period."

"Once more pupils return to school, additional teachers will also be required to support education recovery for our young people. The Scottish Government and local authorities must work together to ensure that jobs are available for all teachers currently seeking them."

Of those teachers currently seeking work who replied to the EIS survey, 44% reported a shortage of suitable employment opportunities during the pandemic.

Teachers also reported difficulties in making ends meet, as a consequence of a lack of work – with some respondents indicating that they were now leaving the teaching profession for financial reasons in order to seek work elsewhere.


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