The EIS has issued its initial response to the new COVID-19 Guidance for Schools, published today by the Scottish Government.

Commenting, EIS General Secretary Larry Flanagan said, "The strengthening of the School Guidance in a number of areas is a reflection of the greater risk posed by higher levels of community infection."

"Whilst the EIS supports the stronger advice in areas such as the use of face coverings and the critical need for adequate ventilation, we remain  dissatisfied with the lack of  specification on social distancing between pupils, which is exhorted but remains impossible to achieve in full classrooms."

Mr Flanagan added, "The proposed mitigations at Level 4, essentially face coverings for senior pupils, are inadequate. The EIS is clear that Level 4 should trigger an automatic consideration of moves towards blended or remote learning."

"Schools cannot stay open at any cost; the safety of pupils and staff has to be the priority, especially those with increased vulnerabilities.  In the event of any Council area moving into Level 4, the EIS is likely to consult affected members directly on their views."

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