EIS-FELA Members Begin Programme of Rolling Strike Action

Created on: 12 Apr 2024

The EIS FELA is set to begin a programme of rolling strike action in a long running dispute over pay.

This marks a further escalation in the pay dispute, where members of the EIS-FELA have been taking action short of strike since the middle of February. This is in addition to a national day of strike action and six days of targeted strike action within the parliamentary constituency areas of key Scottish Government Ministers.

Commenting on the strike action, EIS-FELA President Anne-Marie Harley said, "Once again EIS-FELA members are being forced to take strike action in pursuit of a fair pay offer. It is a disgrace that in 2024 our members are living on 2021 wages, amidst the worst cost of living crisis in generations.

"We should have had this money in our payslips in September 2022. For many EIS FELA members, the amount of money tabled in the second and third years of the current offer falls below current public sector pay policy.

"The EIS-FELA does not accept that our members should be treated any differently to any other public sector workers and are simply seeking a fair pay offer which properly reflects the invaluable work that we do."

Ms Harley added, "Members have been informed that there will be cuts to services and courses for students, creating barriers and fewer learning opportunities for those students accessing college education.

"College Principals have further added fuel to the fire by threatening to withhold pay from our lecturers who are taking part in action short of strike action. This is absolutely shameful and completely contradicts the Scottish Government's opposition to Westminster’s anti-trade union laws. However, despite these threats, our members remain absolutely united and resolute in our fight to secure a fair pay offer for all members."

As an escalation of their current industrial dispute, a rolling programme of strikes will take place with several colleges taking strike action each day for three weeks.