Concerning Delay to the Replacement of the SQA

Created on: 23 Jun 2023 | Last modified: 11 Apr 2024

The Educational Institute of Scotland has responded to a recent announcement from Education Secretary Jenny Gilruth, that planned reform of the SQA and Education Scotland will now be delayed until at least the next parliamentary year.

Commenting on the announcement, EIS General Secretary Andrea Bradley said, “Secondary teachers in Scotland will be angered and dismayed at this news. The SQA continues to be a huge driver of workload for Secondary teachers and others who deliver SQA qualifications. Its reputation amongst teachers is in tatters.

"Whilst it will be important that teachers have the opportunity to properly consider proposals relating to Education Reform, it is difficult to see how we can move forward confidently and competently in reforming the Senior Phase with the SQA intact for another two years.”

Ms Bradley added, “What Scotland urgently needs is a qualifications body that is capable of being a listening, collaborative organisation that works in the interests of learners, collegiately alongside teachers and lecturers who are expert in learning, teaching and assessment, who know best what their learners need and whose professional views should be actively and routinely sought and heard.

“The reform process will require teachers to be strongly supported by Education Scotland as it undergoes re-transition to two separate agencies, in preparing for any changes to learning, teaching and assessment in the Senior Phase over the coming years, and in general as they continue to design and provide learning experiences for children and young people, in line with CfE, but amidst very challenging circumstances around workload, serious underfunding of ASN provision, and behaviours of increasing concern amongst pupils. Supporting the professionals who are on the frontline of education delivery must be the top priority.”