LGBT Sub-Committee 2022-24

Created on: 02 Nov 2020 | Last modified: 06 Nov 2023

The EIS LGBT Sub Committee advises the Equality Committee on LGBT equality matters and policy. Its membership is drawn from the Equality Committee and also from among members of the EIS LGBT Informal Network.

The following members will serve as co-opted members during the period 2022-2024: 

  • David Dick (South Lanarkshire)

  • Pam Currie (North Ayrshire)

  • Julie Chrystal (Fife)

  • Samantha Sweeney (Glasgow)

The members of the Equality Committee who will serve on the LGBT Sub Committee during the 2023-24 session are:

  • Nicola Fisher (Glasgow)

  • Neil Anderson (Glasgow) 

  • Damien Donnelly (Glasgow)

  • Carole Thorpe (Aberdeen)

  • Mark Smith (North Ayrshire)

  • Gerard Wilkie (Edinburgh)

For more information contact Natalie Carroll.