My Students

Created on: 28 Sep 2022 | Last modified: 23 Feb 2023

Boom, bang, they come crashing in

‘’What are we coooooking?” they bellow and wail 

I repeat myself as one asks after another

It feels like all chaos breaks loose

There's pots and pans stacked before long

There's refusal to clean

And my inner Gordon Ramsay shines through

Sergeant Major voice at the ready

Their faces beam proudly at their creations before them

A quick snapchat here and there

That's when I know they're pleased

There's no better sight than seeing them taste what they've produced

All of a sudden "I hate that" turns to "This is no bad"

A quick inspection of drawers and cupboards

Down on my hunkers 

I'm getting too old for this, I think

It's getting close to the bell

I sprint from sink to sink 

There it goes and then I sigh....

I wish they'd tidy up after themselves 'properly' just this once!

By Lorna Sneddon