What I Do

Created on: 28 Sep 2022 | Last modified: 23 Feb 2023

First of all. Let me tell you, I try my best.
I look behind, beyond what I see.
I try to eradicate my prejudices/ unconscious biases
Hoping I can see who you are, what you need
What I can do to help.
Not as some overwhelming saviour
But trying to walk beside you, to hear your voice.
Not just correcting your grammar but understanding
Why you are tired today, realising you have not eaten
Or slept, worried about a parent who seems to no longer care.
I listen
I respond
I do not dictate, I do not talk over or tell
Them to give themselves a shake.
I praise
Not criticising but leading them to confidence,
In themselves, in their work.
Trying to pass on life skills which in the journey of ours
Beat any academic qualifications
Trying to show it is okay to care, exams aren’t everything you know!
I’d give you a job any day!

By Irene Hartshorn