Working at Home

Created on: 17 Apr 2020 | Last modified: 14 Mar 2024

We hope that you'll find our Working at Home (WaH) Resource packed with ideas on how you can look after your health and wellbeing while balancing work, family and home life all under one roof- something that's crucial for us all at this time.

We've tried to provide a wide range of suggestions and signposts to help with lockdown learning and teaching that focuses primarily on keeping learners engaged and on boosting their wellbeing too. Covering both Primary and Secondary, the resources aim to provide members with a few more ideas to help keep learning alive by making it fun and easy for children to access at home.

The WaH is also aimed at supporting teachers who wish to keep their own professional learning alive during lockdown and includes advice and resources on a wide range of subjects, including on using digital methods for remote learning.

Coming on-stream soon will be some online taster training in Equality for teachers. Watch this space.

We’ll look to provide daily inspiration on looking after your wellbeing and ideas for lockdown learning will be replenished weekly on Wednesdays.

The WaH also will provide plenty of opportunity for you to share your experiences of teaching, learning and keeping well, with the EIS.