EIS Representation for Members in Independent Schools

Created on: 19 Apr 2023 | Last modified: 09 Nov 2023

An EIS Branch within an independent school is independent of the school management and may elect or arrange its own representatives.

These representatives are legally allowed time-off work, with pay, to receive accredited trade union training. Such workplace reps are usually the first port of call for members who are facing either disciplinary, grievance, capability or redundancy procedures.

In state schools, the local authority provides "facility time" for elected representatives within the Local Association to visit the authority’s schools to provide casework support. In other words, the EIS Local Association deal with much of the member casework. Local authorities will not pay 'facility time' for Local Association (i.e. state school teachers) to carry out casework in the independent schools' sector. This means that most casework in independent school is carried out by EIS staff (i.e. full-time officials).

If you are a member and you need casework support in your school – work out which is your Local Association (based on your school address) and contact the associated Area Office.

Supporting Branches, Reps and Members in Independent Schools

Independent school reps and branches can access bespoke training and support on a range of matters from Working Time Agreements to Health, Safety and Wellbeing. Please contact your EIS Organiser.

The EIS is committed to electing more reps and building stronger branches in independent schools in Scotland.