Early Years Network

Created on: 17 Nov 2020 | Last modified: 08 Sep 2023

The Early Years Network is being established by the EIS to allow Nursery teachers from all over Scotland to come together to share experiences, discuss common challenges and to promote their distinct professional identity and contribution to learning and teaching in Early Years. 

Following the publication of ‘Sustain the Ambition: the Contribution of GTCS Registered Teachers in Early Years’ in 2016, the EIS re-affirmed its commitment to campaign for the reversal of the erosion in nursery teacher numbers.

The National Network will seek to promote and inform the advancement of EIS policy to ensure that pre-school children have statutorily guaranteed minimum access to nursery teachers, as part of the team of professionals and practitioners, including Graduate Early Years Practitioners, delivering quality educational experiences to our youngest learners.

This Network will provide a forum for Nursery teachers, and in due course Graduate Early Years Practitioners, to feed their views to the national body, through the Education Committee.

Nominations are currently being sought for the Network. Should you wish to seek nomination as an Early Years Network Member, please contact your EIS Local Association Secretary

If you have any queries about the Network, please contact John Harris in the Education Department.

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