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Scotland's Schools in PACT to Challenge Poverty

16 October 2019

The Educational Institute of Scotland and the Scottish Government join forces to tackle the impact of poverty in our schools.

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EIS Raises Concerns Over Governance at the Proposed Shetland College Merger

14 October 2019

The EIS has written to John Swinney, Deputy First Minister and Cabinet Secretary for Education, to raise concerns over the proposed merger of Shetland College, Train Shetland and the NAFC Marine Centre.

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EIS Urges Councils not to Sanction Pupils for Climate Strike Action

20 September 2019

The EIS has written to all local authorities across Scotland to urge them not to punish pupils who take part in planned anti-climate change strike action.

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EIS-ULA Opens Statutory Industrial Action Ballot

19 September 2019

EIS-ULA has opened a statutory industrial action ballot for its members in Scotland’s Higher Education sector.

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Child Protection Must Remain Top Priority Despite Named Person Decision

19 September 2019

The EIS has said that promoting the wellbeing of all children, protecting vulnerable and at-risk children, and supporting those with complex needs, must remain a top priority, despite the decision to scrap the 'Named Person' scheme.

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Review of Senior Phase: Stability Needed for Learners and Teachers

17 September 2019

Following yesterday's announcement of a Review of the Senior Phase of secondary education, the EIS has called for the review to remain cognisant of the challenging environment in which Scottish education has operated in recent years.

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OECD Figures Confirm High Workload For Scotland's Teachers

10 September 2019

New international figures, published today by the OECD, have confirmed that Scotland’s teachers work some of the longest hours in the world.

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EIS Welcomes Investment in ASN Support Assistants

06 September 2019

The EIS has welcomed a £15 million investment to recruit 1000 pupil support assistants to work with children with ASN, but warns there is still an urgent need for ASN specialist teachers.

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Medical Screening Must be Facilitated in North Lanarkshire Schools

05 September 2019

The EIS has again called for medical screening to be implemented at Buchanan and St Ambrose High school in North Lanarkshire for staff and pupils who wish it.

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Independent Inquiry Report on North Lanarkshire Schools

09 August 2019

The EIS has welcomed the publication today of the Independent Inquiry Review on health and safety concerns in two North Lanarkshire schools – Buchanan and St Ambrose High Schools.

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