Self-Care Resources

Created on: 18 Jan 2021 | Last modified: 20 Sep 2021

With everyone from the BBC to Vogue Magazine publishing well-being guides and podcasts and conversations and inspirational messages, it can all be a bit much, and makes finding what will work for us a task in itself. Here, we have drawn together some easily accessible resources that will enable you to find the right thing for you.

Further learning

Future Learn hosts a range of free, short courses that are quick to sign up to, and you can participate in at your own pace. Here is a roundup of the current well-being courses on offer.

Planning well-being

The NHS Psychosocial Mental Health and Well-being Toolkit has a host of information, including a section on self-care, with a visual Wellbeing Planning Tool.

The Open University OpenLearn Create provides a Reflection Toolkit that can act as a journaling tool in personal and professional settings.

Wellbeing and Coping offers a simple well-being plan to download.

Action for Happiness has drawn up 10 actions for happier living – with no surprises, the actions are presented in a nicely presented, downloadable poster.

Meditation and mindfulness

The Charlie Waller Trust has produced a host of resources focusing on mental health during COVID-19.  One such resource is a video exploring being mindful in uncertain circumstances. Another is a video on simple steps to self-care.

The Sleep Charity provides useful guides and activities for daily life,  to help develop positive sleep patterns.


The BBC has drawn together everything well-being related on their website, from podcasts to learning resources, in one place.

Additional to the resources listed above, the EIS Health and Well-being Resource has a comprehensive range of resources covering mindfulness to dealing with a crisis.

Adressing power dynamics that impact well-being

Self-care and Self-defense Manual for Feminist Activists by Marina Bernal, Elige and Artemisa, provided a range of talking points and strategies for rest, release and reconnection in an unequal society – positioning collective care as intrinsic to sustaining a social justice movement for liberation. The manual is available to download here:

Visit CREA (Creating Resources for Empowerment in Action) for further resources.

‘Caring for myself is not self-indulgence, it is self-preservation, and that is an act of political warfare.’ Audre Lorde. Works by Audre Lorde can be found on the Poetry Foundation website.