Reflecting Before Planning Well-being Activities - Blog post

Created on: 26 Apr 2021 | Last modified: 19 Apr 2023

Appreciative Inquiry is about looking for the positives, the opportunities to build upon, switching from what needs to be fixed, it considers strengths, possibilities, and where successes can happen.

Claire Young of Liberton High School in Edinburgh talked of the benefits of taking a positive planning approach at the recent STUC & The Open University in Scotland: Organising learning for a fairer future online event. Please fast forward to 40mins, you may need to complete a short registration form to access the recording.

Khadija Patel Partnerships Officer at The Open University in Scotland, said: ‘During what has been a difficult year with Covid 19, taking time to reflect on practice by adopting good wellbeing habits play a significant part in one’s own wellbeing and that of colleagues and school pupils.’